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Press release on the working meeting of representatives of the parties to the NSC on the implementation of the EITI in Kazakhstan

January 2020

On January 14, 2020, in Nur-Sultan, a working meeting of representatives of the NSC parties was held under the leadership of the Vice-Minister of Industry and infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Baimishev.

 A key issue was the review of the NSC comments on the preliminary assessment of the EITI International Secretariat on validation.  The NSC comments were prepared to agree on the objectivity of the preliminary assessment of the EITI International Secretariat regarding the second validation in Kazakhstan, during which 10 corrective measures were taken to achieve a satisfactory assessment.

 A preliminary assessment by the International Secretariat was that Kazakhstan had fully implemented three out of ten corrective measures and made satisfactory progress in meeting the relevant requirements, as well as made significant progress with notable improvements in the implementation of the remaining seven corrective measures.  It was noted that there was a regression to Requirement 2.2 for licensing.

 The NSC considers that the implementation of the corrective actions given during the first validation merits a satisfactory assessment.  An Additional Report on 10 corrective measures was prepared, which maximally reflects the missing data and clarifies according to the questions and recommendations of the EITI International Secretariat and the Director of Validation Alex Gordy, data from a visit in Kazakhstan in May 2019 and meetings with interested government bodies,  national companies, members of the NSC and NGOs.  It should be considered that for many other criteria, Kazakhstan has gone beyond the EITI requirements.  Currently, work is underway to integrate data from the Unified State Subsoil Use Management System with the National Bank.

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