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Work Evaluation 2018


Kazakhstan underwent another validation process in 2017. On February 13-14, 2018, a decision was made regarding the status of Kazakhstan during the 39th Meeting of the International EITI Board in Oslo (Norway). The international EITI Board decided that Kazakhstan had made significant progress in implementing the EITI, and a number of recommendations were given to improve further implementation of the EITI

         In the last 5 years, EITI reporting, confirmed by an auditor, is submitted by companies – subsoil users through the Unified State Subsoil Use Management System of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as USMS) and vailable to all interested parties it the online mode.

         The Subsoil and Subsoil Use Code has entered into force since July 2018, which provides EITI reporting standarts, as well as one of the key EITI requirements for disclosing of final beneficiaries and contracts. The report on the group of persons and (or) organizations that directly or indirectly control the subsoil user is implemented in the USMS system

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